At A Cube Foods, we pride ourselves on offering an exquisite selection of cashews, meticulously graded to meet the varied preferences of our discerning customers. Each grade reflects a unique combination of size, taste, and texture, ensuring a delightful experience with every bite.

Grade :  At Cube, we believe in transparency and quality. Our cashew grading system ensures that every cube you purchase meets the highest standards. We provide options to suit every preference. Each grade undergoes meticulous selection and processing to guarantee freshness and taste in every bite. Experience the excellence of A Cube cashews, where every grade represents our commitment to superior quality.

Available Grades are :-

Wholes :- W180, 180, SW180, W210, 210, SW210, W240, 240, SW240, SSW240, DW240, W320, 320, SW320, SSW320, DW320, W400, 400, SW400, SSW400, DW400 ,DW, DW1, FW, FW1, OW, OW1, KW, KW1, KW2.

Pieces :-
JJH, JH, JH1, SS, JK, Jk1, Jk2, K, K1, SK, LWP, LWP1, LWP2, SSP, SSP1, SSP2, DS, SP, BB, BB1, BB2, OP, OP1, DP, DP1, PKP, PKP1, KLP.